We are "bubbles of consciousness" floating together thru the challenges of today and into the promises of tomorrow.  Together ~ we can bring about our wonderful, new world!

Bubbles of Consciousness ~ books  to refresh a planet

Heirling Writings & Such​​

A series of books on collective human consciousness is under development as promised, with the aim of offering creative solutions to humanity’s pressing dilemmas.

The first three books in the series can be downloaded from 
Amazon.  You will be able to download the books in eBook format to your Kindle Reader, or order a print copy.  If you should need the books in a different format, send us an e-mail.

1st book ~ Edges of Consciousness.  Our first book in the Bubbles of Consciousness collection explores the transcendent abilities within human consciousness.
     Humanity’s transcendent abilities have largely been either forgotten, hidden, ignored, or overlooked ~ essentially smothered by culturally-sanctioned social thinking over the ages.  Consequently, these transcendent abilities have become quite mysterious to us, and are currently thought of as belonging to the realm of the mystical, the paranormal, or the occult.
     In our exploration, we discovered that we happen to possess five distinct and fascinating transcendent abilities.  These five transcendent abilities may actually offer much-needed hope to us as we struggle to cope with the alarming challenges facing us here on our planet Earth.

2nd book ~ 
Expressions of Consciousness.  Our second book in the Bubbles of Consciousness collection explores the major variations of culturally-sanctioned social thinking around the globe.  The variations examined are diverse; they are both historic and recent, and both religious and secular.
   Our examination is framed within an overarching analysis of generic collective consciousness, including both its root source and its consequent impact on both collective and inter-generational human thought.  We questioned to what degree the various conventional thinkings examined could offer creative solutions to humanity’s pressing dilemmas.
     Due to the nature and dynamic of human collective consciousness, we noted that modifying culturally-sanctioned social thinking can be a rather arduous undertaking requiring three essential elements ~ originality, determination, and opportunity.

3rd book ~ 
Currents of Consciousness.  Our third book in the Bubbles of Consciousness collection explores the chronological development of  the major variations of culturally-sanctioned social thinking over the ages.
     We swept from paleo-history to current global cultures.  In order to keep us productively focused on the here-and-now flowing into our various possible tomorrows, we focused on the deep roots of the major conventional thinkings that exist today, such as the dominant global religions, certain secular developments in Western Europe, and today’s widespread Modernism.
     Of the three new schools of thought that arose in Western Europe, we found that one of them happens to be the most inimical and obstructive to our goal of refreshing planet Earth.

The 4th book ~ 
Eddies of Consciousness ~ has entered the research stage.  This book is intended to explore some other, or minor, ways of thinking ~ ways of thinking that did not become large enough or widespread enough to become globalized in any meaningful way.  However, even though not globalized, these minor ways of thinking might offer some useful ideas in our quest to refresh our planet Earth.  

The series will complete with a 5th book entitled 
Wellspring(s) of Consciousness.  It is in this book that we will propose solutions to today’s gripping problems.