​​1st book  ~  Edges of Consciousness  ~  a review of the transcendent abilities within human consciousness. These transcendent abilities have been largely either forgotten ~ hidden ~ ignored ~ or overlooked. Consequently, they have become quite mysterious to the average human being, and are currently categorized as belonging to the realm of the mystical paranormal.  Transcendent abilities may hold out hope to a desperate and struggling humanity facing existential challenges.

2nd book  ~  Expressions of Consciousness  ~  an examination of the major variations of societal consciousness.  The social variations examined are both historic and modern, and equally both religious and non-religious.  The examination is framed within an overarching analysis of generic collective consciousness, including both its root source and consequent impact on both collective and inter-generational human thought.

The 3rd book , tentatively entitled "Currents of Consciousness," has entered the editing stage. This volume is intended to be a chronological rendering of the development of collective human consciousness around the globe.

The series will complete with fourth and fifth volumes, tentatively entitled Eddies of Consciousness and Wellsprings of Consciousness respectively.

We are "bubbles of consciousness" floating together thru the challenges of today and into the promises of tomorrow.  Together  ~  we can bring about our wonderful, new world!​​

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Bubbles of Consciousness

A series of books on collective human consciousness is under development as promised with the aim of offering creative solutions to humanity’s pressing dilemmas.


The first two books in the series can be downloaded at www.Amazon.com.  You will be able to download the manuscripts in eBook format to your Kindle Reader, or order a print copy.  If you should need a copy of the manuscripts in a different format, please send us an e-mail.

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