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Copy-writing services

​​Our approach in offering copy-writing services is to provide results that are thoughtful and comprehensive, rather than fast and off-the-cuff.  We like to take the time to make sure that everything that really needs to be thought about is actually addressed and considered.  This approach makes for effective copy and much better results.  We charge by the word, instead of by the hour, so that this extra time spent doesn't cost you.

Tasking can involve ~

  • proofreading ~ spelling, grammar, syntax
  • editing ~ reorganize, tighten
  • revising ~ update, refresh, evergreen
  • creating ~ generate new, original content
  • ​​​​researching ~ locate source data

Services can include ~

  • situation analysis  ~  of the immediate need
  • background research  ~  to explore any and all possibilities
  • issue framing  ~  to establish task guidelines
  • market research  ~  to determine an optimum fit
  • audience targeting  ~  to maximize efficiency of the message

Venues can be wide-ranging ~ 

  • personal communications  ~  e-mails, memos, letters
  • persuasive messaging  ~  advertising, branding
  • blogs, articles, newsletters, books  ~  mainly informative
  • grant solicitations  ~  for both private & public funding
  • resumes  ~  often with reticulated cover letters
  • papers & reports  ~  generally internal to a select audience
  • websites  ~  designing, constructing, maintaining, re-tooling
  • social media  ~  curating, optimizing, updating

Styles can vary ~

  • journalistic ~ inverted pyramid prioritization
  • scholarly ~  objective, thesis driven, impersonal
  • descriptive ~ a picture in words
  • rambling ~ informal, extremely relaxed
  • persuasive ~ convincing, funneling, actionable
  • conversational ~ present-oriented, first|second tensing
  • expository ~ informational, explanatory
  • narrative ~ story-telling, time-oriented

Copy-writing ~ or old-fashioned "word smithing" ~ is one of our loves.  
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